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Mission Action Plan

2017 - 2020

Our churches exist to worship God, proclaim his Kingdom and serve our neighbours.

That purpose shapes these priorities for the next three years:

Going Deeper into God

  • Renewing our liturgy in terms of quality and diversity

  • Offering opportunities for all to learn more about the Bible, faith, and prayer

  • Helping all our members translate the core habits of discipleship into their daily lives

  • Discerning God’s call to each of us in the church’s life and the wider world

Making New Disciples

  • Welcoming and building relationships with all who come for christening here

  • Sustaining our Anglican-Methodist Messy Church

  • Offering teenagers friendship and the space to explore life’s big questions

  • Reconnecting with all on our electoral roll

Transforming Communities

  • Educating ourselves about the needs of our local community

  • Encouraging volunteering within the community

  • Supporting our local schools

  • Developing our relationships with our partner communities in Malawi and Kenya


As first steps, by July 2018 we committed to:

Going Deeper into God

  • Re-establish the Worship Committee to examine our pattern and standards of worship.

  • Introduce one regular (at least monthly!) evening service with a significantly different ‘feel’ to our norm.

  • Run a rolling faith development programme.

  • Raise the profile of existing house-groups and encourage the formation of new ones.

  • Develop a parish ‘pattern of life’, suggesting a framework for Christian life.

Making New Disciples

  • Review our christening process from first enquiry to one year afterwards, emphasising the welcome extended to newcomers from the whole church.

  • Recruit at least ten people to help with Messy Church (crafts and catering).

  • Begin a monthly pizza supper for teenagers.

  • Ensure all non-engaged people on the Electoral Roll receive a visit from the church and at least three invitations to social events or special services.

  • Offer at least two courses or events exploring faith for those not already part of the church.

Transforming Communities

  • Distribute a summary of the available socio-economic data amongst the congregation, displaying it in our churches and on the website

  • Host a series of meetings with local GPs, councillors, police officers, headteachers etc.

  • Host a volunteering fair, connecting all those who want to volunteer with local organisations in need of assistance.

  • Produce and distribute to the schools of the parish a menu of ways in which the churches might be able to support their work.

  • Increase awareness of the Malawi and Kenya projects among the congregations; and support the trip to Malosa in 2018.

Adopted by the PCC, 11 July 2017

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