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In 2010, the church decided to support a single charitable project rather than multiple projects at once, and the members of the church were asked to cast their vote between four different charities. We voted to support St Luke's Hospital in Malosa, Malawi. The hospital is in a small village in southern Malawi, and as well as functioning as one of the main hospitals in the area, it also boasts an impressive primary health care department, providing outreach projects and nurseries to the outlying villages.

What started as a modest contribution to the hospital (about £250 per year) has now developed into a firm and lasting relationship with St Luke’s Hospital and the community of Malosa.

In 2012, along with St Luke’s Church in Watford, we raised £32,000 to build a new maternity unit in one of the Hospital’s outlying clinics. In 2014, a group from St Lawrence's and St Luke’s visited Malosa for the first time.

The Malawi Project

Find out more about the beneficial work that this parish supports in Malawi

Our link with Malosa, Malawi has continued to be with the St Luke’s Hospital and much of our fundraising and support goes to the hospital, however we have also established firm links with Malosa Secondary School and the Chichewa Training Centre (where the team stayed when they visited in 2018).

In 2018 a group of 16 went to visit Malosa and the surrounding area. They took resources with them, including money to give directly to the team over there. Some of the team worked on a hospital project, renovating the outpatient's department and corridors, and some of the team visited the primary health care projects, including several nurseries and outreach projects. It was another fantastic opportunity to see how the money was being used, and to witness first had what needed to be improved.

The team are continuously fundraising, putting on exciting events as often as they can, including Sing-A-Longs, African Dinners and Fun Days, and are currently gearing up for a return trip, COVID-19 dependent!


The project is multi-faceted and as such there are many ways that you can get involved! Here's some ways you can help:


  • Make a donation to the overall fundraising pot

  • Make a donation for a specific project

  • Donate items for the container

  • Knit - we are sending out certain knitted items in the next container

  • Donate items to sell on eBay or at car boot sales


If you are interested in getting involved or simply want to find out more about the exciting work we are doing, please email

If you would like to make a donate, you can do so by clicking the donate button below.

Have a look below at photos from the 2018 trip.

2018 Gallery

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