St Lawrence

The coming week...

8.00 am Holy Communion (said - lasts about 40 minutes)
9.30 am Parish Communion (sung - lasts about 75 minutes) (not 2nd Sunday)
  Creche in the Church Hall for ages 0-3. There is also a children's corner in church available during services.
  Seekers in the Church Hall for ages 3-10 (not 2nd Sunday)
  Second Sunday Service: All-age worship - we are all in church together (lasts about 60 minutes)
6.30 pm Evening Prayer (Book of Common Prayer) (not 2nd Sunday - lasts about 25 minutes)
  Informal Communion on 2nd Sunday - lasts about 40 minutes)
Every weekday:            
9.30 am Morning Prayer (CW) (said - lasts about 30 minutes) - including Holy Communion on Fridays
5.15 pm Evening Prayer (CW) (said - lasts about 25 minutes) - including prayers for peace on Mondays; and prayers for those in need on Tuesdays
10.15 am Holy Communion (lasts about 30 minutes)
8.15 am Prayer Xtra:  for the Church and Local Community (for 30 minutes)


There is a loop system in St Lawrence for those who are hard of hearing - please switch your hearing aid to the 'T' position.

If you would like a gluten free wafer at any of our communion services please ask one of the people on the door to arrange this for you.

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Monday 24th November

9.30 am  Morning Prayer

5.15 pm  Evening Prayer

7.30 pm  Ringing practice

8.00 pm  Communications Team meets at 40 Kindersley Way

Tuesday 25th November

9.30 am  Morning Prayer

10.15 am  Tuesday Coffee

12.40 pm  Funeral of Joan Flowers at the Crematorium

5.15 pm  Evening Prayer

6.30 pm  Handbell ringing practice

7.45 pm  Dynamite (youth group)

Wednesday 26th November

9.30 am  Morning Prayer

10.15 am  Holy Communion

11.30 am  Funeral of Mary Hunt in St Lawrence followed by cremation

2.45 pm  Home Communion at Margaret House

5.15 pm  Evening Prayer

8.00 pm  Social Committee meets at 2 Mainspring

Thursday 27th November

8.15 am  Prayers for the local community

9.30 am  Morning Prayer

2.00 pm  Funeral of Michael Pheby in St Lawrence followed by cremation

5.15 pm  Evening Prayer

7.00 pm  Service at Firs

8.00 pm  Housegroup at 6 Kindersley Way

Friday 28th November

9.30 am  Holy Communion with Morning Prayer

10.00 am  HAL Coffee in the Henderson Hall

5.15 pm  Evening Prayer

6.15 pm  Youth Choir practice

Saturday 29th November

10.00 am to 1.00 pm  Friends of St Lawrence and Mothers' Union Coffee Morning in the church hall

Sunday 30th November - Advent Sunday

8.00  Holy Communion

9.30 am  Parish Communion with Seekers

6.30 pm  Service of Readings and Carols for Advent

Monday 1st December - St Andrew the Apostle

9.30 am  Holy Communion

2.15 pm  Tiny Tots

5.15 pm  Evening Prayer

7.00 pm  Scout Christingle Service

8.00 pm  Ringers' practice

Tuesday 2nd December

9.30 am  Morning Prayer

10.15 am  Tuesday Coffee

1.30 pm  Abbots Langley School Year 1 Christingle

5.15 pm  Evening Prayer

7.00 for 7.30 pm  Mothers' Union Advent Party at 26 Follett Drive

7.45 pm  Dynamite Christmas Party

Wednesday 3rd December

9.30 am  Morning Prayer

10.00 am  Bedmond Coffee Morning

10.15 am  Holy Communion

5.15 pm  Evening Prayer